Startup Edmonton

Startup Edmonton is unique catalyst project/initiative built to kickstart an ecosystem around a high-performance startup culture built around speed, traction and hustle.

For every high-growth startup, we need thousands of entrepreneurs who’ll take that first step to turn an idea into the first version of a product or startup. Time, money, talent – there are plenty of competing factors that see prospective ideas and startups never get off the ground. It’s a challenge for all sectors of the economy, not just tech.

Like a spark plug, we can be the component in the ecosystem that activates a new generation of startups in our city at the ground level. We’ve been working to activate ideas and startups in the community since 2009. With a “screw it, let’s do it” startup mentality, we’ve moved forward, inspiring entrepreneurial, innovative thinking within thousands of young people in the city through grassroots events like DemoCamp and TEDx.


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