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Sold Out

Happy to announce that WordCamp Edmonton 2013 is now sold out. If you are looking for tickets, add a comment here and there may be someone who can not go, it is like a waiting list!

Thank you to sponsors thus far…

Sponsors of WordCamp Edmonton 2013 give back to their community to support many of Edmonton’s best web designers, content managers & authors, web developers, and WordPress wizards and wizards-in-training! So we wanted to take an opportunity now before tickets go on sale October 25th, to thank all the sponsors of WordCamp Edmonton 2013, they are:

WordCamp Edmonton 2013 – Coming Soon!

That’s right! WordCamp YEG 2013 is a hurtling train of awesomeness whose momentum can’t be stopped. We’re working out the details right now, but we’re looking at a 1-day, ultra-focused and superultramegaradical 2-stream (design/development and content/business) conference held at Startup Edmonton on November 15 2013. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to keep abreast of all the announcements, like location, exact date, speakers, and so forth.

Right now, though, we’re looking for speakers and we’re looking for sponsors. Help make WordCamp Edmonton the cat’s pajamas by sharing your knowledge, sponsoring the event, or at the very least, helping us find people and businesses to do those very things!

How to Build Your Business with Public Speaking

There are a myriad of ways to build your business: from more traditional ways (mailouts, email newsletters, advertisements etc) to somewhat more new school ways (social media, QR code campaigns, and so on). All of these methods can be effective in building a business, but there is one in particular that can be very effective by combining a huge range of methods into one: public speaking.

I’ll wait for your cold sweats to stop.

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